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KuroBasu OVA VS. Simba’s Terrible Japanese! (A.K.A KuroBasu OVA review)

Ok, so I thought I will make a post about what I understood in Kuroko No Basket OVA. I think everyone who watched it already could understand what I understood… But oh well, imma post it in Kurobasu tag anyway… WARNING: spoiler ahead. And sorry if some parts aren’t clear, my english is not so good and it’s midnight where I live…

Seems that whole OVA is about Kise and his entering into Teiko Basketball Team (First string/Regulars)… But there are some hilarious moments with other GoM players!

Intro and Opening: c’mon, we all know this stuff about Generation of Miracles. And opening? Nothing new, Rimfire. (But I love this opening!)

Kise appears. Seems that he’s doing his Model job, in free time talking about his club activities (Basket Club).


Satsuki appears with news: Kise is going to play in first string (other students starts to complain that he just started playing Basketball, and yet he will play as Regular much faster than others).


Aomine enters the stage with A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for a middle-schooler dunk, and by the way asks why she brought Kise with her. Satsuki asks if he didn’t see Kuroko anywhere. Nope. No Kuroko for you, Satsuki! Oh, wait… he actually appears, to startle Kise…



Some good play here! Akashi and Mukkun, enters! Midorima, appears! And Aomine shows some really nice moves… Aomine, calm down, you’re playing Basketball, not dancing! Kise also shows some good play. And everything would be perfect in this short introdution do GoM players, if not Kuroko and his epic miss… Kise starts to question himself why Kuroko is in Regulars “just like him”…


Kuroko scares the daylights out of Kise again and (probably) tell him to meet at school entrance. Kise still questions himself about Kuroko being in Regulars (what is this, repeat of Kagami part? “U no worthy to play with me”?). He meets with Aomine&company. Some planning about where to go. Kise doesn’t seem to enjoy this company very much…

Seems that Kise doesn’t like pinky popsicles either… And… OMFG MUKKUN’S VOICE… I can’t even.. He’s a big giant and yet he has this childish voice… I like it…. And seems that Kise and Midorima are not getting along well even here in OVA…image

Kise seems enjoying hanging out with those crazy guys now, and Mukkun… Well, Mukkun is Mukkun, he just had to go and get some more sweets… And…wow, Satsuki got some ninja skills? When did she even get there!?image

And yay, action! Thief robbed poor old lady…. Bad thief! Kise and Aomine can’t, of course, just take popcorn, sit and watch the show… They run after a motorcycle.. A F*#KING MOTORCYCLE!! Midorima makes use of his shooting skills… But seriously, that’s just a waste of sweets…that looks…like a shooting star…image



Ok, seriously? I think Physics laws in anime are just non-existing thing…
Aomine moves like ninja! Again…image

Oh my God, not the Sweets… That means troubles…
After action Satsuki tells how everyone is great. Kuroko agrees. Kise wonders what Kuroko did in this action anyway. (I wonder too…) Kise asks Mukkun if he plays as Regular. Mukkun agrees, Aomine tells everyone here are Regulars. Yes, Kise, EVERYONE. Kuroko too, even if you don’t believe… Not possible? Just wait and see…image

Some school life and football. Kise asks Mukkun about Kuroko. Mukkun seems to not remember Kise. Let’s ask Midorima… And let’s get strange horoscope-related answer. If we ask Satsuki…image

Ok that wasn’t a good idea…
At this point, Akashi is probably plotting something… Something like… putting Kise and Kuroko in same team for a match! Ok, ‘coach’ decided… But we all know who’s the real director here. Midorima also says that if they’ll lose, they will go back to second string. Oops… That doesn’t seem fine for me…

Kise and Kuroko are having a ‘friendly’ conversation, that includes: winning, basketball matches and…. uniforms? Ok, Kise, calm the heck down, you got your own uniform, ‘kay?

Ok, the game of the episode finally starts! It’s clearly seen that referee is not taking his job seriously… And we can see Kise isn’t the calm one here…
And… Kuroko in game! We all know he’s going to cooperate with Kise, but…that line about being a shadow confused Kise a bit, no?

That pass in a blink of an eye and reaction of all players is priceless… Especially Kise. Standing here for a good moment with ball in hands… “Oh wait…I have to throw it in the hoop…”



A little time for Akashi and his sexy voice….
Aaand the game is won by Teiko! (well, that was sure from the start…)
Kise and Kuroko finally becomes friends! And Kuroko also started to be called Kurokocchi. Be proud, Kuroko~!image

And ending. Catal Rhythm. I think after NG-Shuu, they should put here Takao Version…

Well, that’s all for OVA review… GIFs found in Kuroko no Basket tag and belongs to their respective creators.